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Darwin's Origin of Species into Schools Project

October 27, 2009

Truth eats Darwin FishNovember marks the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species. Christians through Living Waters ministry are taking advantage of this opportunity to give away more than 100,000 copies of Darwin's book to 100 top U.S. universities, but with a SPECIAL 50 page introduction. The Origin into Schools Project removes nothing from Darwin's original work, but adds an Introduction.  

Origin of Species by DarwinIf you would like to help financially support this project, or order a few books yourself to give away, click here for all of the information and read the entire Introduction. A full Gospel presentation is included. Click on the Press Kit information and even watch a video where Richard Dawkins tells students to rip out Origins Introduction!

And please check out our articles on evolution on our Faith Facts site. Click here for the first article, Origins and Silly Putty.

God's blessings to you!





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Charles Meek
Posts: 12
previous two posts
Reply #8 on : Tue January 12, 2010, 12:21:39
Readers should note what is going on with the previous two posts, and put on your baloney detector. Darwinists claim the age-old jazz that science is fact and religion is faith. Our article "Origins and Silly Putty" challenges the neo-darwinian synthesis strictly on the basis of science and reason, not faith or religion. We demonstrate that evolution is the worldview that is a fairy tale for adults.

---The Editor
Last Edit: February 25, 2010, 05:25:39 by cmeek01  
Alan Thomas
Posts: 12
Introduction to Darwin's Origin of Species
Reply #7 on : Sun January 10, 2010, 06:51:23
This strikes me as a horrible idea. Science is simply what it is - articles that meet the required quality and proof requirements can get into publications such as Nature. Comments, thoughts and opinions that don't qualify on such objective criteria just won't make it into such publications - and that must be right. Sneaking in commentary attached to a reprint of another's work - however old and historic that work - has about the same moral acceptability as members of other religeons printing copies of the bible with an introductory section reflecting their own beliefs and prejudices. Science and belief are not the same thing and should be kept entirely separate. The recognition that the world was not the centre of the universe was not exactly helped on its way by the participation of the church - and I fear the same willl always be the case wherever the conclusions of a piece of scientific work are inconsistent with someone's religeous beliefs.
David von Rudisill
Posts: 12
Religion ruins everything
Reply #6 on : Sun January 03, 2010, 08:39:40
People need to accept that evolution is a science, and well supported in evidence. No use in trying to fight it.

In fairy tales, David killed Goliath. But in the real world, we all know Goliath would have killed David every time.

Kirk Cameron knows nothing about science, thus is in no place to criticize it. Same for Ray Comfort. And this goes both ways. An atheist who knows little about the Bible can hardly expect that their criticize means much.
Charles Meek
Posts: 12
Amelia's post
Reply #5 on : Sat December 26, 2009, 09:34:32
I think you are referring to our article "Origins and Silly Putty." We read 12-15 books to put this article together.

---The Editor
Posts: 12
Reply #4 on : Sat December 19, 2009, 20:40:33
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Charles Meek
Posts: 12
previous post
Reply #3 on : Thu December 10, 2009, 16:38:24
Comment on StumblingBlock's post: This is typical evolutionary dogmatic inferences. There is no missing link. Every so-called missing link offered over the decades proved to be either (a) a fraud, (b) a true ape, or (c) a true human. This is now acknowledged even by evolutionists. Read our article.
Posts: 12
And that introduction is an act of horrid dishonesty
Reply #2 on : Sun November 22, 2009, 09:58:12
There is actually an extensive fossil record of Hominidae evolving from primates to homonin and eventually into Homo sapiens, with extensive dating in stratification showing its timeline, its extensive complexity, the creatures evolving into social and tool-using beings, even evolving into a species that buries their dead with reverence. The introduction goes into ridiculous demonstrations of not clearly understanding actual evolutionary theory even to the point of absurd accusations. I seriously wish that the people who claim truth as their religion to be a bit more honest with themselves when they criticize actual science.
Joyce Luna
Posts: 12
Darwin and DNA
Reply #1 on : Tue October 27, 2009, 12:52:47
I am not educatated much on Darwin, but I do know that there has not been a fossill in the
process of evolving from animal into a human being or visa versa.
I do know that a human can give blood to another human, no matter where they come from or what color that person is.
Also, if a human were given animal blood transfusion it would die, and if the situation were reversed the same would happen.
In conclusion, we were created as humans, and animals created as animals. And it was all for a purpose.
I enjoy and appreciate all information which
Darwin has that is contrary to my belief.
We have an awsome God who created us, it took human intelligence to create just one little finger and the work which it does.

Joyce A. Luna

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